Ori Mould to take part in Iran Glass 2017

The company will present its range of glass moulds.

ORI Mould Technology (Suzhou) Co., Ltd was established in 1972 and today claims to be one of the biggest glass mould makers in China.
The company owns two plants with more than 400 employees and focuses on glass R&D and manufacture, supplying all
kinds of glass container moulds all around the world: bottles (for liquor, beers, beverage, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals), jars, vases,
tableware, etc.
ORI Mould has five unique features in the Asian glass mould industry: a patented resin-sand foundry system; ROBO plasma welding machines; German
Volumemaster 3000 volume machine; advanced high-speed machine centers; and 3D to 2D mould design systems.
Furthermore, the company provides accessories, such as take out tongs, plungers, coolers, and bottle taking tongs for machines.
ORI Mould aims at meeting customer’s requirement through quality concentration, to realize “Better Moulds, Better Glass.”
For more information see: www.iranglass.show and www.ori-mould.com.