One of A Kind acquires VIMEC

One of A Kind Technologies acquires VIMEC Applied Vision Technology and strengthens its position in the area of Vision technology – automatic visual measurements and inspections with advanced optical systems.

With One of A Kind Technologies’ acquisition of VIMEC Applied Vision Technology, One of A Kind substantiates its objective to create a group of technology companies within related domains and with a strong autonomous profile, increasing its employees from 20 to 35.
Company management expects revenue and profit to further grow in 2015. In 2012 the firm acquired Beltech, another leading player in industrial automation with vision technology. This strategic investment confirms the commitment to further expand, both organically and through acquisitions.
VIMEC has over 20 years of experience in the development of measurement and inspection machines for the pharmaceutical glass market and has deployments worldwide. VIMEC is regarded as the global leader within its field. “We are thrilled with the commitment from One of A Kind Technologies into VIMEC,” says Istvan Fehervari, the founder of VIMEC. “This investment will enable us to further grow and to innovate. Together with Beltech we will develop new markets by leveraging our combined expertise in mechatronics, optics and software development. The scale that arises, will secure continued optimization of our services on a global scale. The resources that become accessible for us now, will accelerate technological innovation and create future synergy for us and our customers.”
One of A Kind Technologies’ CEO, Alex E. Kind, says: “The acquisition of VIMEC fits perfectly within our “Buy-Build-and-Sustain” strategy and is derived from our ambition to create a unique group of tech companies targeted at sustainable and profitable growth.” Fehervari will remain active within the board of directors of VIMEC and continue to focus on technology and development.
One of A Kind Technologies is an independent Dutch firm that owns high tech companies with complementary technologies and individual growth potential. One of A Kind Technologies focusses on profitable companies with a strong history and brand in its field, typically founded and led by engineers. Besides financial investments, our long term commitment and contribution is realized through active participation in our companies. Future investments and acquisitions will be targeted at complementary technology, competencies and product portfolio.
VIMEC Applied Vision Technology B.V., Eindhoven VIMEC develops and markets visual inspection systems and applications to monitor and control the production of pharmaceutical containers and glass worldwide.
VIMEC’s mission is to provide quality monitoring systems to its customers to realize their ultimate goal: zero defect production of high end glass products. Besides vision technology, VIMEC has the capability in-house to deliver turnkey systems including mechanical and optical engineering, mechatronics, and software development.
VIMEC customers are manufacturers of pharmaceutical glass containers such as vials, syringes, cartridges and ampoules and also include manufacturers of food and drink bottles, wine glasses, tubing, sprinkler bulbs, and lighting.
In the more than 20 years that VIMEC is active in this market, it has developed a strong and complete product portfolio. VIMEC is regarded as one of the global leaders in this market.
Beltech BV, Eindhoven Beltech is the leading development and integration partner in the field of industrial automation with machine vision technology. Beltech develops, implements and maintains complete vision systems for identification, inspection and measurement and positioning of robot systems. Beltech is active as system integrator to enterprise customers and as development partner for specialized OEM (‘original equipment manufacturer’) companies. Markets in which Beltech is present are: agro & food, automotive, electronics & semicon, industrial manufacturing and logistics and infrastructure.
Beltech was founded 28 years ago by Eindhoven University of Technology.

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