Officina Meccanica Schiatti Angelo: The new website is online

The new website of Officina Meccanica Schiatti Angelo opens with three slides, which tell some of strengths of the company. What are they?

Schiatti has long been perfectly integrated into Industry 4.0, designing and building smart machines able to save time and money, but also improving the quality of production and make it easier for operators to do their job, reducing human errors.

Why a human eye and a mechanical hand? Because the company believes that behind technology there is always human intelligence to which technology is subjected.

The search to provide the best possible glass working technology is a constant commitment and a continuous investment which Schiatti believes is necessary to ensure that clients always have the right competitive advantage. That’s why the company sees its machines as “jewellery.”

The human factor
It doesn’t mean just customer service and attention. For Schiatti it means facing every day with ethics and with the awareness that they have to act in the best way for themselves and for the environment. At Schiatti, sustainability translates into concrete elements of energy saving and correct use of resources. Every one in the company puts hearts and also brains into it.

The configurator
Schiatti has introduced an important new feature on the new website: the configurator for glass and ceramic machines. Through a simple path it’s possible to select your needs and discover which of Schiatti’s technologies is the most suitable for you.

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