O-I: world’s first decorated glass packaging with variable data printing

O-I : EXPRESSIONS SIGNATURE takes customised recyclable packaging to new heights

O-I has become the first glass manufacturer to produce decorated glass bottles using variable data printing. O-I : EXPRESSIONS SIGNATURE provides a more complex level of personalisation than ever on glass packaging.

O-I : EXPRESSIONS SIGNATURE takes customised, recyclable glass packaging to new heights. Brands with personalised packaging are growing 40 percent faster than others and O-I’s innovation enables drinks companies to offer a unique, collectable bottle to their customers from one source file – quickly, simply and with no costly mould or label changes.

O-I : EXPRESSIONS SIGNATURE offers brand owners the opportunity to choose from several variations during the same print run including:

  • Changing a graphic on the bottle
  • Changing the colours within the graphic design
  • Changing a name or a word on the bottle
  • Using different customized tactile digitally printed effects with O-I : EXPRESSIONS RELIEF
  • Serialization of the bottles, for example by applying a sequential number for limited editions or an individual fixed code – e.g. QR or 2D datamatrix code unlocking an online experience

Such a high level of customisation not only brings a more exciting customer experience but can also enable increased traceability solutions.

O-I has collaborated with its technology partners to overcome a range of technical challenges. These include ensuring the accuracy of reading the customer’s data, minimising time delay in the print cycle, inspecting variably printed bottles and data protection.

Melianthe Leeman, Global Marketing Director, Wines and Spirits at O-I, said, “This is an exciting time to be in glass manufacture as the industry is developing more attractive and sustainable packaging at speed. We see great opportunities for O-I : EXPRESSIONS SIGNATURE not just for premium and luxury special editions but also for global brands who can make one run of a common bottle shape then create culturally appropriate designs for different markets within the same print run.”

Sample bottles distributed at PLD London (Stand G80) and the forthcoming Luxepack Monaco (Stand DC13) feature prints of six different cities – London, Paris, Milan, Barcelona, New York and Tokyo. Each was printed in different colours, with the city name ’embossed’ vertically using transparent relief printing. The bottles all featured unique QR codes taking users to the O-I:EXPRESSIONS website.

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