O-I VersaFlow carafe used by Dutch company

O-I’s VersaFlow Carafe is now also being used by Dutch company ‘sLandsBeste for its sauces. VersaFlow Carafes have a pouring spout that allows consumers to pour liquids in a cleaner, precise and aesthetical way.

‘sLandsBeste is the first Dutch company to use the VersaFlow Carafe for its sauces, a bottle designed by Owens-Illinois (O-I).
VersaFlow Carafes have a pouring spout that allows consumers pouring of liquids in a cleaner, precise and esthetical way.
Wyno Vermeulen, co-owner of ‘sLandsBeste: “Our products are natural, traditionally-made and of high quality. We deliberately chose a glass container. By using the VersaFlow Carafe, we are also strengthening our brand identity and we can stand out even more distinctively on the shelf.”
According to O-I, VersaFlow allows for a clean and precise dosage of liquids directly from the container. No dripping, no rims, no spots, so the container can be used even at distinguished meals without decanting.
VersaFlow responds to the growing demand of consumers for functionality and their increased emotional connection with glass packaging. Moreover, for brands it means competitive advantages by being different.
“Brands can develop completely new packaging concepts and have additional options regarding the brand experience,” said Steffi Lenz, Innovation Project Manager at O-I.

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