O-I invests in Italian plant upgrade

Owens-Illinois, a world leading manufacturer of glass packaging, has recently invested €25 million to upgrade the capabilities and sustainability of its Origgio plant in Italy.

The modernization of the plant has primarily involved the complete refurbishment of the glass furnace. O-I also has installed advanced control software to enhance the comprehensive management of the production process with great advantages in terms of safety.
Further investment in forming machines improve the sustainability and energy efficiency of the entire plant, which will be able to produce containers with lower average weights than before.
“Continued investments such as this at Origgio ensure we possess the most efficient and modern plants to improve our operational performance through better asset stability, higher quality and productivity,” said Massimo Noviello, O-I Country Group Executive for Italy and Hungary.
During the furnace rebuild, 180 employees received 3,500 hours of corporate training on safety, quality, technical innovations made to the plant and operations of newly installed control machines.
“The innovative plant in Origgio is a global example of productive and sustainable excellence. We produce more than one million bottles a day in this flexible plant and we can produce both jars and bottles, ranging from 10cl to 2 liter capacities, to meet changing customer needs. Thanks to the support and teamwork of our employees, we were able to bring the plant back to full operating speed in just 20 days from the furnace re-opening,” said Benedetto Troia, Director of O-I Origgio’s plant.