O-I Glass: GLASS4GOOD™ Recycling

O-I sees tremendous opportunities to positively impact the planet and communities where it operates

In response for growing demand for recycled glass, O-I has created GLASS4GOOD™ Recycling, a community-based recycling program that incentivizes glass recycling by enhancing local recycling infrastructure with the potential of generating local charitable donations in the communities where O-I employees live and work.

This program is an opportunity to provide glass recycling where it might not be available, but it is also an avenue for O-I to give back to the communities in a way that will encourage glass recycling. GLASS4GOOD™ Recycling includes exploring public-private partnerships to overcome barriers to glass recycling and to get glass packaging back into the circular economy.

Benefits of GLASS4GOOD™ Recycling

  • Community recycling of glass contributes to the health and well-being of communities.
  • Recycling glass conserves energy and natural resources.
  • Recycling glass minimizes waste, as well as costs and emissions associated with landfilling
  • Recycling glass supports the local economy with hauling, processing, and manufacturing jobs along with local tax revenue.
  • And, now… recycling glass generates LOCAL social impact generated through GLASS4GOOD™ Recycling.