O-I announces partnership with the Center for Glass Innovation

O-I is announcing its industry partnership with the Center for Glass Innovation, a new collaborative initiative by the State of New York aimed at developing innovation around glass packaging and end markets for curbside recycling

The New York State College of Ceramics at SUNY Alfred will lead the three-year research and collaboration initiative. The first-of-its-kind centre will bring together researchers, state officials and industry experts. The teams will share knowledge to develop next generation glass materials, make manufacturing processes more energy efficient, and uncover ways to reuse glass that would otherwise be dumped into a landfill.

For 120 years, O-I has led the way to innovate the glass packaging industry. Glass is 100% recyclable and endlessly recyclable and maintains its quality. It’s made with all natural resources and is the kindest choice for a strong, low-waste circular economy.

Recycled glass is one of four main ingredients in glass packaging. More recycled glass, called cullet, used to make new glass bottles and jars, means fewer emissions are created and less energy is used.

“Collaborating through the Center for Glass Innovation supports O-I’s ambition to transform our processes, products, and our interconnected relationships to bring our vision of a sustainable future to life,” said O-I Chief Sustainability and Corporate Affairs Officer Randy Burns.

O-I has more than 70 plants in 20 countries, including Auburn, New York. Glass recycling and manufacturing is traditionally a local process. Glass captured from curbside recycling in one community is often processed and delivered to glass manufacturers in the same area to create new glass packaging to serve the community.

The Center for Glass Innovation was first announced at Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s 2020 State of the State Address. O-I is both a financial supporter as well as a board member.

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