NSG Group launches a new generation of transparent mirrors for touch screen applications

Interactive mirrors with Pilkington MirroView

NSG has released its new generation of transparent mirrors to be used in projected capacitive touch screen technology applications.

Pilkington MirroView is one of the latest avant-garde products in the glass world.
Pilkington MirroView is a clear float glass on which a highly reflective coating is deposited. The coating has a neutral colour and is extremely durable. It is a non-conductive (dielectric) coating and allows the glass to be used in projected capacitive touch screen technology applications.
This product range is intended for installation in flat screen displays, such as TVs or touch screens.
Placed in front of a video source, when the device is off, Pilkington MirroView?maintains a mirrored appearance, hiding the screen. When the screen is turned on, the bright image on the screen is easily visible through Pilkington MirroView and the previous reflecting image disappears.
The improved coating has a very smooth surface for excellent tactile experience and offers a neutral colour rendering in reflection.
The pyrolytic coating, extremely resistant, does not degrade over time and gives the product a virtually unlimited lifetime.
The range is divided into two product types:
* Pilkington MirroView, designed for situations with reduced ambient light such as bathrooms, bars, etc., where it offers light transmission of 22% and reflection on the coated side of 66%
* Pilkington MirroView 50/50, whicj, due to the evolution of the product, is designed for applications in high brightness environments, such as shops, shopping malls, airport transit areas, railways, etc., and offers light transmission of 37% and reflection from the coated side of 50%.
In addition to being suitable for traditional mirror applications, both products are also compatible with the production of Smart Mirrors.
The NSG Group is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of glass and glazing systems in three major business areas: Automotive, Architectural and Technical Glass. Automotive serves the original equipment, aftermarket replacement, and specialized transport glazing markets. Architectural supplies glass for architectural applications, solar energy and digital signage and displays. Technical Glass products include very thin glass for displays, lenses and light guides for printers, and glass fiber, used in battery separators and engine timing belts. The group has major market shares in most building and automotive product markets of the world, with a broad geographic reach, enabling it to respond to customers whose operations, particularly in the case of Automotive OE, are increasingly global.
Today, NSG Group has manufacturing operations in around 30 countries on four continents and sales in some 105 countries. In the fiscal year ending 31 March 2017, the Group reported revenue of JPY 580.8 billion (approximately EUR 4.88 billion). Of this, 38% was generated in Europe, 25% in Japan, 20% in North America and 17% in the rest of the world.

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