NorthGlass T-series tempering furnace settled in Chongqing Yu Bo

The quality of tempered glass produced by this T-series tempering furnace is better than design standards, even exceed the customer's expectations

In the new factory of Chongqing Yu Bo Technology Co., Ltd. (Chongqing Yu Bo), Chairman Mr. LI signed the Acceptance Protocol of their TG1E60 tempering furnace produced and installed by NorthGlass. This marks the official delivery of this T-series tempering furnace from NorthGlass to Chongqing Yu Bo.
Chongqing Yu Bo is a high-tech enterprise with integrated business of glass processing, energy-saving window & curtain wall production, steel structure design & production & installation. The quality of tempered glass produced by this T-series tempering furnace is better than design standards, even exceed the customer’s expectations.
Compared with NorthGlass A-series tempering furnace, the T-series tempering furnaces are equipped with Super Symmetric Heating Technology. There are surprising 300 heating control partitions in this regular size furnace.

In addition, the T-series tempering furnaces are using a revolutionary patented technology – Intelligent Heating Control System based on Glass Exit Temperature. With this new technology, the glass temperature are precisely controlled, by monitoring the instant glass temperature inside the heating chamber and predicting the future glass temperature rise curve by simulation calculation.
For example, this Intelligent Heating Control Technology is similar to the automatic exposure technology in photography. In the past, photography required a professional photographer to adjust the aperture size and exposure time according to his long-term experience, often underexposed or overexposed, non-professionals are completely inoperable. With the maturity of automatic exposure technology, the automatic point-and-shoot cameras become popular in ordinary families.

Similarly, the Intelligent Heating Control Technology can automatically bring the ideal heating result to the glass, no need to ask experienced operators to make different heating settings and adjustments according to their experience, for different glass situations. It brings a simple, stable and high quality production experience to the furnace user. After using this intelligent technology, the customer said excitedly “By using T-series furnace, even the inexperienced operator can reach guaranteed glass quality!”

After the completion of the new factory, Chongqing Yu Bo ushered in many inspections and investigations by leaders of various cities and counties in Chongqing. Subsequently, LonGlass Group also ordered a T-series tempering furnace from NorthGlass, after detailed understanding of the performances of T-series furnace. This is the customers’ affirmation and trust in NorthGlass.


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