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NorthGlass Marketing Conference successfully held in Shanghai

From May 4 to 5, the 2023 NorthGlass Marketing Conference was successfully held in Shanghai NorthGlass’ Conference Hall, including four terms: PPT knowledge and practical operation training, professional knowledge examination, new product knowledge training for each NorthGlass BU and marketing skills training.

With the acceleration of economy, how to use PPT to effectively communicate with customers when facing increasingly professional customer teams and more specific customer needs? Meanwhile, it is particularly important to show the core competitiveness of the products through PPT and enable customers to obtain effective product information through communication. Therefore, NorthGlass invited professors from Shanghai Jiao Tong University to bring a lively and interesting PPT function and practical skills training for the sales elites, which provided valuable guidance and inspiration for the sales team.

On the second day of the meeting, the representatives of each NorthGlass BU gave an explanation to the attendees on the R&D direction and market prospects of their new products in recent years. Through this exchange, the sales not only deepened their understanding of NorthGlass’ product lines, but also broadened their market perspective, which provided strong support for better meeting customer needs and expanding the market. At the same time, this internal communication also promotes the cooperation and coordination among the teams, and injects new impetus to the overall development of NorthGlass.

On the afternoon of May 4, the entire staff underwent an assessment of the knowledge that they have learned. After assessment, Shanghai Equipment Manufacturing BU, Tempering Furnace BU and Coating Technology BU ranked the top three in terms of comprehensive performance, with an additional 21 outstanding individuals included in the salary system rewards. This assessment is a review of the learning ability and knowledge system of the sales team, but also an incentive for all staff to improve their comprehensive quality.

This conference is the seveth marketing centre conference held by NorthGlass. The annual learning exchange activity for all staff of the marketing centre is not only a platform for information sharing, but also a good opportunity for self-improvement. It enriches the technical and theoretical knowledge of the sales staff, and also inspires their enthusiasm and confidence for new products. The successful holding of the marketing conference injected new impetus to the development of NorthGlass.

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