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NorthGlass holds Annual Meetings

Recently, NorthGlass held the “2024 work arrangement” and the “2023 annual summary and commendation” meetings. These are important meetings for NorthGlass to meet new work challenges, summarize the work achievements of the past year and look forward to future development.

Mr. Gao Xueming, Chairman of NorthGlass and NorthGlass Light-Stone, Mr. Gao Li, Vice Chairman and President of NorthGlass, Mr. Gao Qi, Vice President of NorthGlass and General Manager of Glass Deep Processing business unit and more than 600 staff, including general managers, department heads and employee representatives from each business unit, gathered together to discuss development plans.

At this meeting, the general managers from each business unit of the company summarized the work of the past year and also planned the focus of work in 2024. President Mr. Gao Li made specific arrangements for the work of each business unit and functional department and pointed out the direction for the development of the new year.

NorthGlass awarded the “NorthGlass Spirit Award,” the “Advanced Individual” and the “Advanced Collective Award” to individuals and collectives with outstanding performance in the past year. The advanced units for target completion and performance growth were: Tempering Equipment BU, Glass Deep Processing BU, Tianjin Base and Shanghai Base. A total of 11 “NorthGlass Spirit Award” employees, 20 “Excellent Teams” and 148 “Advanced Employees” were commended.

Chairman Xueming made a concluding speech, expressing his sincere congratulations to the award-winning employees, thanked all employees for their hard work in the past year and expressed satisfaction with the good results achieved by the various divisions in such an unfavourable external environment last year. He pointed out that such achievements are not only due to the joint efforts of all employees, but also demonstrate the innovative and hard-working spirit of NorthGlass employees.

He emphasized the importance of innovation in the development of the company, and all aspects of technological innovation, management innovation and business idea innovation are extremely beneficial. He encouraged all employees to continuously improve themselves, carry forward the spirit of innovation and meet the challenges of the future with better results.

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