NorthGlass: glass, blue skyline

The high-end curtain wall glass provided by NorthGlass' Shanghai Glass Company, creates an extraordinary quality, smooth and elegant appearance and complements Opera House No. 1

Opera House No. 1, as a top luxury house project, has a unique geographical location. Located in Sydney, Australia, it is at the core of the city’s culture, tourism and public transportation. It has become a new commercial landmark with the rise of Sydney Ring Wharf and shows the unique charm of the seaside city to the world.

The Opera House No. 1 was designed by the Australian local Tzannes architecture firm with more than 30 years of experience and operated by the founder Alec Tzannes himself. The project selected high-quality materials, including imported pure natural marble from Italy, high-grade oak flooring from the Netherlands, and the world’s top home appliance brands, aiming to create a supreme experience for residents, and it is determined to make Opera House No. 1 into a world-class boutique residential project.
It is worth mentioning that the high-end curtain wall glass provided by NorthGlassShanghai Glass Company, with its ultimate craft, excellent beautiful lines and meticulous proportional details creates an extraordinary quality, smooth and elegant appearance and complements Opera House No. 1, which makes brilliant colourful Sydney Harbour to map on the clean glass.
Shanghai Glass Company relies on the technical strength of Tempering Furnace Business Unit of NorthGlass to ensure that the positive and reverse bending Low-E glass on the same surface, which makes the colour of curtain wall glass integrated; ultra-small radius tests the accuracy of glass manufacturing and optical deformation, while continuous testing and improved equipment and technology upgrade the glass quality. Soft glass curves with a blue-gray system shows its extreme elegance, and at the same time, the open glass curtain wall enlarges the indoor space and proportion, allowing owners in the busy urban to enjoy quiet and happiness in all four seasons.
The Opera House No. 1 project displays the strength of NorthGlass, which also represents the quality pursuit of NorthGlass. The building, full of enthusiasm, is the interpretation of the perfect quality. NorthGlass’ creations accompanied by this bright new star gorgeously blooms in the Sydney ring wharf.

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