NorthGlass Fan BU sales exceed 100 million RMB

The company’s focus on adapting with the times pays huge dividends

2018 marked tenth year since the establishment of Luoyang NorthGlass Fan BU (Fan BU). Looking back on the development of Fan BU in the past ten years, the company’s goals could be summarized in five words: keep pace with the times. That mindset helped Fan BU achieve the highlight moment of the company’s history, with sales exceeding 100 million RMB for the first time. Their success also marks the company’s development into a new phase.

Over a decade of hard work, Fan BU has adhered to the concept that technology is the primary productive force and that innovation is the first driving force for development. Faced with increasingly fierce competition in the industry, Fan BU adjusted through internal and external measures. Externally, they sought to accurately identify the fleeting opportunities of the market, relying on the advantages of the NorthGlass brand, while actively expanding their sales channels. Internally, the sales department regularly conducted business training, strengthened communication with the technical department and communicated the client’s needs to the technical department to facilitate timely product improvement.

Meanwhile, the technical department has continuously carried out technological innovation, cooperating with Tsinghua University to apply the latest three-dimensional fluid technology from the aero engine sector to general fans.

Because of the close cooperation and joint promotion between the departments, order volume has grown, and the sales have increased year over year, which has led to Fan Bu’s latest crowning achievement.

In 2011, the Fan BU signed their first order for the “CRH” train main transformer cooling system fan unit, and later found success with the “CR” train main transformer cooling system fan unit in 2017. Another main product, a sweeper fan, quickly gained traction within the market through its reliable product quality. Fan BU’s good reputation and stable quality have enabled the company to continuously improve its position in the industry and expand its brand influence.

Fan BU not only endeared itself the market, but also won many honours relying on technological innovation. In 2018, the company was successfully selected as “National Little Giant Cultivation Enterprise” and “National Fan Industry Association Key Enterprise” and passed the review of “High-tech Enterprise”. It was successively rated as a “Luoyang Engineering Technology Centre” by Luoyang Science and Technology Bureau and “Henan Engineering Technology Centre” by Henan Science and Technology Department.

The force behind these achievements is the company’s accurate decision-making, the result of the joint efforts of all employees working for the company along with customer recognition of the NorthGlass brand.

Fan BU hopes to achieve its long-term vision and truly become a benchmark for the industry. For them, breaking 100 million RMB was just a “small goal.” In the future, the company will continue to take the path of research, development and innovation, and to improve the quality of its products to create a high-end fan brand in the industry.