NorthGlass: curtain wall glass for Luoyang Grand Canal Cultural Museum

The glass for the curtain wall of the new Luoyang Sui-Tang Dynasties Grand Canal Cultural Museum was created by Luoyang NorthGlass

On International Museum Day, the opening ceremony of the Luoyang Sui-Tang Dynasties Grand Canal Cultural Museum was successfully held, and a new landmark building hall in Luoyang was officially opened to the public.

The curtain wall glass was created by Luoyang NorthGlass. The project adopts 7 layers of 15 millimetre super white SGP laminated glass, the maximum size is 12 metres and the weight of a single piece of glass is about 5.6 tonnes. This kind of overweight, super thick and super large glass curtain wall is rare in China.

Sui-Tang Dynasties Grand Canal Cultural Museum was designed by CAUP Tongji University. The overall design concept is “canal source, Sui-Tang rhyme and Heluo technology.”

The designer extracted the arch elements from the water, the basic structure of the building, so that the arched structures support a magnificent building and also support people’s historical memory and imagination space of the canal cultural heritage.


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