Nipro breaks ground in Aumale, France, for new facility

June 15 marked a big milestone for Nipro PharmaPackaging’s glass tube-draw facility in Aumale

As announced in 2020, Nipro is investing over 60 million USD in its facilities in France and the US. With this investment, Nipro strengthens its position as a leading global supplier of glass primary packaging for the pharmaceutical industry. The investment addresses the global increase in quality and demand, as well as supports Nipro’s growth in its pharmaceutical packaging business. In France, the investment means the construction of a greenfield operation.

On June 15, the works for the greenfield operation started with an official groundbreaking ceremony by Messrs. Stephan Arnold, Jean-Michel Rat, and Pierre Sinoquet, supported by Mr François Mozzo – Director of Emdelen, Nipro’s construction partner.

“Congratulations – the future of Nipro begins here and now in Aumale. On behalf of Nipro Japan, I want to wish the team lots of success on this big journey. We take pride in you stepping up to contribute to Nipro’s responsibility to society and join its mission of improving patient outcomes and healthcare worldwide.”

Mr. Stephan Arnold, CEO Nipro PharmaPackaging International, said, “We have come a long way with this site in Aumale. We are celebrating our 150th anniversary this year and have had a long history with many different partners.

“When we joined Nipro in 2011, we immediately felt a very strong sense of commitment. This commitment resulted in the biggest investment ever in this plant’s history. Together with my team here, I look forward to a stronger future in France. I want to thank Nipro for its trust in us, and I want to thank the team for their relentless efforts in getting this project started. Together, we are building the future here!”

Mr. Pierre Sinoquet, Operations Manager at Nipro PharmaPackaging France, added, “You will notice that we are building a completely new infrastructure. This will be an addition to our current manufacturing facility; it is not a replacement. As said before, our market grows, Nipro grows, and thus our tubing capacity also needs to grow. And it is thanks to you – our colleagues – thanks to your good work and your expertise that we have been able to gain the trust of Nipro to invest here. We will need more talent to join us, and we will continue to count on you. Remember, “Ici, on construit le futur!” – today IS a big day!”