Nine Bavelloni machines installed in Bangladesh

Despite delays in civil works the project was completed on time

Nasir Glass Industries Limited (NGIL) are a multi-functional float glass company located in Bangladesh using the best technologies to bring quality products to the market.

Along the years, this Bavelloni’s loyal customer has placed considerable orders for a variety of Bavelloni machinery.

When it was time to grow their production capacity, NGIL relied once more on Bavelloni’s extensive flat glass processing technologies to cover their requirements.
The customer’s investment, this time, included many different Bavelloni equipment: a REV 372 SR+REV 372 R cutting solution for straight and shaped cutting of monolithic glass, two VE 500 V10 mitering machines provided with higher and longer racks suitable for heavy loads and big sheets, one horizontal washer, two semi-automatic bevelling-edging machines model SB10 and, last but not least, two VT 1250 double-headed drilling machines.

The commissioning of this big project was completed on time by Bavelloni’s authorized Service team and Nasir Glass Industries Limited can now run their newly installed equipment at full capacity.

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