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Need-to-know topics of unique interest to installing companies in a series of quick-hitting, on-demand episodes

Even with the cancellation of this year’s in-person Building Envelope Contractors (BEC) Conference, the glazing community can still get their education fix with “BEC Presents…”, organized by the NGA.

BEC Presents… will spotlight need-to-know topics of unique interest to installing companies in a series of quick-hitting episodes that can be watched on demand, at the viewer’s convenience.

Planned episodes include a state of the industry conversation among market segment leaders, a legal take on the construction industry after COVID-19, a look at the changing commercial real estate market, an update on what technical codes & standards glaziers should know, and more.

Episodes will drop on March 22 on There is no cost to watch and no registration required.

NGA will send email reminders with more information about the episodes, along with sponsor details and additional resources.


  • State of the Industry: Glass, Metal & Contract Glazing
    Follow this group of glass and glazing experts from their offices and plants as they discuss issues, challenges, and predictions for the glass and glazing industry from their unique perspectives in the glass, metal, and contract glazing realms.
  • 2021 and the Construction Industry After COVID-19
    Curious about the implications for custom contract terms as the construction industry continues to adapt to new and lingering COVID-19 related challenges? This episode will dive into examples of problematic contract language, HR matters including managing a remote workforce and vaccination policy, as well as a look at real-life scenarios and how they were addressed.
  • Changes in Commercial Real Estate and its Effect on the Glazing Industry
    With work from home becoming the new norm, many office buildings are considering a new fate – will they ever return to full occupancy? What challenges and opportunities does this bring for the glass and glazing industry? This episode will explore the built environment with Randal Froebelius, Vice Chair of the Building Owners and Managers Association (BOMA).
  • Decoded: Innovation Using Key Glazing Codes & Standards
    Is it possible to comply with multiple code requirements in the same facade? Is there a quick rule-of-thumb to determine if and when safety glazing is required? NGA’s technical and advocacy team are on the case to help solve glazing mysteries.
  • Special Feature: Understanding the Tech Tables – an overview on interpreting NGA’s Engineering Standards Manual and Heavy Glass Door Design Guide
    Two of NGA’s best-selling manuals contain important technical details that can easily inform some of your regular specification decisions. Take just a few minutes to learn how to interpret key tables related to minimum thickness guidelines for interior butt glazed fixed panels, allowable bow, dimensional tolerances, guidelines for interior door sizes, and more.

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