NGA releases new resource: Glass for Personal Protective Barriers

Glass Technical Paper outlines the positive attributes of using glass to shield from the spread of viruses

The National Glass Association (NGA) has just released Glass for Personal Protective Barriers Glass Technical Paper (GTP)—a new and timely resource for the glazing and glass building products industry and for all facilities and businesses managing customer interaction.

The Glass for Personal Protective Barriers GTP addresses the use of protective barriers in retail, medical, educational and manufacturing facilities and businesses. It was written in response to the implications associated with the COVID-19 pandemic and the need to minimize potential exposure to the virus for both employees and consumers.

“This GTP is so important and relevant to the industry right now,” says Urmilla Sowell, NGA advocacy and technical director. “It succinctly provides the key considerations of why glass is a recommended material for protective barriers, the types of glass that may be used for protective barriers, and more.”

The GTP elaborates on the differences between the use of plastic sheet and glass, cleaning practices, and installation considerations.

Download your complimentary GTP, which is available among a host of additional resources, in the NGA Store.