NGA and GANA Joint Task Force Report Progress

Industry volunteers explore combining the two associations into one stronger, unified voice.

The National Glass Association (NGA), Vienna, VA, and the Glass Association of North America (GANA), Topeka, KS, held its first joint task force meeting in late February to discuss a possible combination of the two industry trade associations.
The NGA task force is represented by: Michael Albert, S. Albert Glass; Angelo Rivera, Faour Glass Technologies; Nicole Harris, NGA President & CEO; and Jerry Jacobs, NGA General Counsel.

The GANA task force is represented by: Stanley Yee, Dow Corning Corp.; Doug Schilling, Schilling Graphics; Gus Trupiano, AGC Glass Company North America; Steve Marino, Vitro Architectural Glass;†Kim Mann, GANA General Counsel.

The discussion focused on combining the unique elements from both associations that would create a new organization re-invigorated with the strongest and most effective attributes of each. “The meeting was positive and productive,” said Michael Albert, NGA Chairman.
“There is considerable common ground in our approach for the betterment of the glass and glazing industry,” said Stanley Yee, GANA President. The joint task force emerged with a “better together” viewpoint and agreed to share preliminary information to inform the next steps which would include the development and exchange of a draft “letter of intent” to capture the key elements around which this new joint organizational structure might be built.
The joint task force group meets again before the end of March and is on target to meet its 90-day deadline for a joint recommendation to the NGA and GANA boards of directors.