New warm edge spacer bar: SWISSPACER Ultimate Pro

The Pro version's new material composition makes the hollow profile more elastic and easier to process

One of many innovative products shown at this year’s Glasstec was the SWISSPACER Ultimate Pro, which combines outstanding energy efficiency with optimal processing. Because of its new material composition, the hollow profile is more elastic and easier to process – with the typical stability of the spacer bar frames. In terms of energy efficiency, the Ultimate Pro is the same as the SWISSPACER Ultimate, making it one of the best spacer bars in the world.

The demand for energy-efficient window and façade solutions is constantly rising. Amongst other elements, the spacer bar plays an important role in insulating glass units. Its thermal conductivity makes a big contribution to the energy efficiency of windows: if it has a poor, i.e. high, heat transfer coefficient, a lot of heat is lost to the outside – even with an excellent frame and high-tech glass. In addition to that, warm edge spacer bars minimise the formation of condensation at the glass edge and reduce the risk of mould developing there.

The SWISSPACER Ultimate has been one of the world’s best spacer bars for years. The new Ultimate Pro supplements the existing portfolio. It focuses on optimal processing of the spacer bars and offers a maximum certainty about how they function in the insulating glass unit – all while retaining an excellent level of energy efficiency.

High elasticity for the best processing

“The optimized material makes the spacer bars particularly elastic,” said Mario Kindler, Product Manager at SWISSPACER, while explaining the new development of the Swiss company. “The Ultimate Pro is therefore less susceptible to breaks or ultra-fine micro cracks that can occur during cutting and the insertion of accessories, for example. Ultimate Pro is also extremely robust during internal handling of the bars and the frame.”

The Ultimate Pro can be processed especially efficiently while handling within the production process becomes safer: that means even better cycle times and minimised rejections in the production process. The optimised corner key and longitudinal connector additionally support the particular stability of the frame.

The enlarged film surface on the profile side ensures that the butyl application on the frame is of optimum quality. This provides a particularly reliable primary seal for the cavity between the panes. The risks of penetrating moisture or loss of gas are consequently minimised. The improved perforation of the profile also increases quality assurance because the desiccant in the hollow profile can faster absorb any moisture present.

“The optimally coordinated design of geometry, perforation and film delivers an especially high degree of certainty about the functionality of the insulating glass units – in particular as regards the lifespan,” Kindler said.

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