New report predicts Smart Windows market to reach $1.8 billion by 2021

n-tech Research has announced the release of a new report titled, “Smart Windows Markets: 2016-2025.” This report pegs total revenues from smart windows at $1.8 billion, rising to $8.0 billion by 2025.

This report continues the firm’s coverage of smart windows markets that dates back to 2008. It discusses the opportunities across a broad range of materials platforms for both automotive and building glass. It is also the first report to analyze how the smart windows business is leveraging the opportunities afforded by the Internet-of-Things.
The ten-year forecasts in this report are completely revised from previous n-tech smart windows reports and take account to latest technology trends, real estate and automotive industry statistics, and pricing information, as well as the installed bases of the leading smart windows technology providers. This report presents granular ten-year projections in both volume (square meters) and value ($ millions) terms. Breakouts include by technology, end-user type and industry and geographic location of smart windows. Separate forecasts are provided commercial real estate, residential real estate, automobiles, public transport and aerospace.
In addition, the report discusses the product/market strategies of the leading smart windows providers including: Argil, Asahi Glass, Chromogenics, Gentex, Guardian Industries, Hitachi, New Visual Media, NSG, Pleotint, Polytronix, PPG, RavenWindow, Research Frontiers, Sage, Saint-Gobain, Scienstry, SWITCH Materials, Toray, US e-Chromics, and View, among others.
From the Report:
Rather than just a materials play, as it once was, n-tech believes that much of the value added available to smart windows suppliers will flow from control systems, interfaces and related electronics. Today smart windows are very much an Internet-of-Things (IoT) story and this report explores how this development is creating opportunities for the smart windows firms. It also explores how smart windows materials platforms – electrochromic, SPD, PDLC, photochromic and thermochromic will adapt to this new challenge.
In the past the benefits of smart windows have generally be defined almost exclusively in terms of energy efficiency. What n-tech is seeing is that the marketing story around smart windows is now broadening to include comfort, health and daylighting issue. This report examines smart windows in the construction, automotive and aerospace sectors. Also, as part of this analysis we examine the potential for smart window retrofits.
Other Findings:
Electrochromic (EC) technology will account for 75 percent of revenues in the smart windows space in 2021, more than twice the share that it has in 2016. The advent of EC film will enable a smart windows retrofit market to emerge for the first time, as well as novel EC materials being used. EC technology is also where the bulk of investment dollars are flowing.
n-tech expects manufacturers of the other active smart windows materials platforms (PDLC and SPD) to respond with new marketing and R&D efforts to broaden the market for these technologies. The firm sees SPD, while smaller than EC technology, reaching around $280 million by 2021.
Smart windows are penetrating the construction market at a brisk rate and will contribute more than $1.3 billion in revenues by 2021 compared with just $105 million in 2016.
Aerospace applications for smart windows are also attracting growing attention from both EC and SPD technology providers, but will never be much more than a niche market.
The automotive market for smart windows is only just beginning to take off and its success will depend to some extent on whether current efforts by the EC firms in the automotive space are successful
Passive smart windows will also be looking for new markets since cannot be easily integrated into the IoT environment. n-tech anticipates that revenues from passive windows will struggle to reach $100 million in revenue in 2021.

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