New Northwestern Glass Fab (NGF) completes expansion and rebranding project

The Northwestern Glass Fab (NGF) growth is driven by facility relocation and additional fabrication equipment by HHH Tempering Resources.

Following a two-and-a-half year business expansion and rebranding project, the NGF team is now the sole occupant of 100,000 square foot facility in Fridley, Minnesota complete with a high production tempering furnace.
This is an increase from the previous 66,000 square foot facility. Tempering glass in-house allows NGF to better control glass quality and pricing.
Managing all aspects of glass tempering and fabrication also provides enhanced service to new and existing NGF customers.
Brin Glass Company and NGF President Bill Sullivan shared, “The addition of the tempering furnace allows us to better control our cost and the lead time while increasing our pricing and delivery flexibility for customers. We fully expect our monolithic tempered business to be one of NGF’s primary revenue generators.”
Equipment installed and serviced by HHH Tempering Resources (HHH) during the expansion includes:
– North Glass AU-1Q50 tempering furnace
– North Glass W-846 washer
– Dry belt seamer
– Air and loading tables
HHH and NGF’s partnership began early in expansion planning, and the HHH technical team continues to maximize equipment uptime and production capacity.
Bill Sullivan said, “The installation of the furnace was first-rate and the HHH team remained on site until our staff felt really comfortable with the new equipment. We couldn’t be happier with HHH’s service and training.”
The brand and name update maintains a connection to Northwestern Glass Company history, while distinguishing NGF’s fabrication and distribution leadership.

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