New NM Gas Tester from Thermoseal Group

The new NM Gas Tester from Thermoseal Group checks the concentration of gas in inert gas units. The tester features a slim-line sampling probe.

The new NM Gas Tester from Thermoseal Group is a simple lightweight solution for testing the concentration of gas in inert gas (IG) window units.
The NM Gas Tester features a slim-line sampling probe, which is inserted into the sealed unit once filled with gas. Using a simple dial to control calibration levels and push-button operation, it quickly analyses gas levels and displays the findings on its easy to read digital display.
With an automatic switch-off function, the device costs very little to maintain due to its long-lasting battery life and economical replacement of sensors.
Mark Hickox, Sales Director at Thermoseal Group, says: “Most high performance double glazed sealed units are now filled with an inert gas such as Argon to increase thermal efficiency. Even the best sealed unit leaks gas throughout its lifetime, so it is imperative that you independently monitor the performance of your gas filling machine and production methods. It is also a prerequisite for EN1279 that you own and use a gas concentration tester.”
“The new tester is suitable for analysing the concentration of any inert gas in gas filled sealed units, and our range of products for gas filling are essential for glass manufacturers who want to meet the growing demand for gas-filled sealed units.”

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