New Keralite® SafeGuard Glass

New Keralite® SafeGuard Glass Provides Triple-Threat Protection Against Fire, Impact, and Active Shooters.

In the face of increasing safety concerns at schools, hospitals, and other public buildings, Vetrotech Saint-Gobain has introduced Keralite® SafeGuard, an economical fire-protective-rated glazing product offering combined protection against fire, accidental impact, ballistics, and intruders. In addition, the glass features Keralite Select’s industry-leading color and clarity qualities, ensuring safety does not come at the expense of aesthetics and views.
“As of 2016, U.S. schools were reported to have experienced more than 200 active shooter incidents, with an estimated emergency response time of four to 12 minutes. In addition, there are an estimated 4,000 school building fires each year,” says Lindsay Hampton, Keralite Product Manager for Vetrotech. “Keralite SafeGuard was created to provide peace of mind against intentional and accidental threats that are increasingly common in public spaces.”
As an intrusion barrier, Keralite SafeGuard deters or delays an active shooter to help prevent an attack or slow an attack until first responders arrive. In bullet-resistance tests, SafeGuard did not shatter. In threatening situations, this feature will protect occupants from injuries that can result from shattered glass.  In the event of fire, SafeGuard contains smoke and flames, allowing more time for occupants to escape.
Along with standard accidental impact tests under CPSC 16CFR Part 1201, Vetrotech tested SafeGuard in simulations designed to mimic attacks in which an intruder is attempting to gain access to a building. Additional testing showed the glass could withstand the impact of a 300-pound person.
To preserve appearances and views, Keralite SafeGuard has a 97.1 (out of 100) color rendering index and the lowest haze value of any fire-rated glass ceramic in its class, providing unprecedented clarity and aesthetics.
SafeGuard is available with fire ratings up to three hours. It has a sound transmission rating of 37.
The ceramic glazes into standard fire door and window frames, and can be used in new construction as well as retrofit applications. Window widths and heights can be specified up to 95-3/8 inches; non-temperature-rise door glass up to 46-1/2 inches by 78 inches, and temperature-rise door glass up to 10 inches by 33 inches.
“We set out to create a glazing product that delivers the best combination of fire and impact protection, and Keralite SafeGuard does just that,” says Sean Ross, Testing and Certification Manager for Vetrotech. “SafeGuard allows schools and other buildings to meet the needs of multiple dangers—fire, intruders, ballistics, and accidental impacts—without settling for solid doors.”