New ift Technology Centre enhances research and testing capacity

ift Rosenheim has grown continuously in the last 10 years and is now in need of more space. This is why a Technology Centre for 40 highly qualified staff members is being created on a gross surface area of more than 3,000 m² with an investment of about EUR 6 million. The utilisation concept foresees tests on fire safety and smoke control elements as well as large-sized facades and construction products.

ift Rosenheim has grown continuously in the last 10 years, last but not least by the activities of the ift Centre for Fire Testing in Nuremberg. Thanks to the unchanged high demand for ift services by leading companies in Germany, the EU and international markets, as well as normative developments, it can be assumed that there would be further growth. The fire safety centre of ift Rosenheim (BSZ) in Nuremberg until now has become too small and cannot be expanded at its present location. Right now, as a matter of fact, the space bottleneck is resulting in unnecessary waiting times and cumbersome installation processes for customers. This is why ift Rosenheim is planning the construction of a new technology centre at the location in Rosenheim, in which the slogan “All tests from a single source” can be implemented both spatially and organisationally.
The Technology Centre will be built at the Rosenheim motorway junction until mid 2016. A new home for 40 highly qualified staff members is being created on a gross surface area of more than 3,000 m² with an investment of about EUR 6 million. Large-sized facades (wind loads, air-tightness, and driving rain) and, of course, the fire and smoke behaviour of construction products including the associated long-term performance shall be tested at the ift Technology Centre Rosenheim. Moreover, Research & Development shall also be increasingly located here. The Technology Centre and the test facilities are being constructed in accordance with the most modern criteria. The utilisation concept envisages that it shall be possible for customers, visitors and scientists from all over the world to experience the tests and analyses of modern building technologies. This includes intelligent construction components, adaptive façades, regenerative energy utilisation in the building shell, media facades, composite materials as well as construction components in modular design with integrated building service from which complete buildings can be constructed. In this way, the Technology Centre will become the central module for further success of ift Rosenheim.
Nuremberg will continue to be the “ift Branch Office”. This is where the “notified product certification body for fire safety” of ift Rosenheim will be set up. The product certification body shall gain great significance in future with the publication of the product standard for fire and smoke doors and shutters (EN 16034). The elements to be tested must be selected, the required documents must be prepared and the classification issued under the responsibility of this notified body. After favourable surveillance of a manufacturing company, the notified product certification body will prepare the certificate necessary for certifying the constancy of performance for sales and distribution. In this manner, ift Rosenheim is in a position to continue engaging all the employees concerned and to provide an unambiguous acknowledgement for maintaining the ift location in Nuremberg.

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