New HORN Glass furnace for high-tech glass factory Ritzenhoff AG

Over the years, the family-run company Ritzenhoff AG has evolved from a glass-making workshop to one of Germany’s best-known high-tech glass factories

The heart of Ritzenhoff AG still beats where the company’s history began more than 100 years ago – in Marsberg in Germany’s Sauerland region.

As far back as the 18th century, wood from the dense local forests was used in the first glassworks to fire the melting furnaces that turned quartz sand into glass. In the meantime, the supplier of high-quality drinking glasses offers everything from the development and production to the decoration of glass products from a single source.

In the modern plant, up to 50 million glasses are produced annually on four production lines. Through many investments in recent years, the site has developed into a high-tech glass factory. HORN Glass Industries has now carried out a part of these investments with the repair of the glass melting furnace 1.
The 30 tpd end fired furnace for crystal glass was modified together with the two production lines and partly equipped with furnace equipment by HORN, which also supplied the heating equipment as well as state-of-the-art measuring and safety technology.
The order comprised the complete services from furnace drain to demolition and tempering, which were carried out by HORN experts and external service providers.

The new furnace was finally named “Jana” on 20 February, 2020.

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