New ground gained by GCV with whopping Picasso innovation

GCV GLASS MACHINERY has been very busy over these past months, with trade show displays of its new Picasso Lite at both Glasstec and Veteco - and many orders and exciting new projects besides. Here follows a brief rundown of the company’s key activities of late:


Glasstec 2022
Last November, in Dusseldorf, GCV Glass Machinery presented its Picasso V2 after several installations of the line worldwide. An improvement on the last, this version was developed in late 2019 – which is why it was impossible to present at exhibitions until recently.

Despite its many line installations around the world, this marked the first time GCV’s full line could be viewed by so many. As GCV was the only company doing live demonstrations, the hype generated was truly electric, with visitors visibly attracted by the line’s excellent operability as well as its colourful design. Attendees, many of whom also came to close a deal, confirmed that they had viewed the Picasso V2 online as well.

A successful exhibition and one of the most fruitful in GCV history, Glasstec testified to the added value afforded by all the company’s work and development over the years.

New Picasso Lite launch
Another last-minute creation was that of the new Picasso low-cost version, namely the Picasso Lite.

This compact machine includes an application that’s 1.8m in width, together with a hybrid convection that dries at just 3.8m in length – an attractive price that displays the same versatility for every paint typology, whether acrylic, ceramic, mirror or satin among others.
With all the experience invested in Picasso, coupled with its integration of the best of European good practices within the industry, this new version focuses upon the very key features that seek to adjust costs to their minimum – thereby opening such new automatic glass painting markets as those present in India, South America and Africa, which constitute the present and near-future of the global economy. Current expectations for the machine are high after the company sold some – even prior to creating the prototype or presenting any video. Now with the prototype installed and up-and-running in Poland, a second one is due to arrive in Saudi Arabia – with many more set to be installed over the weeks ahead.

Future projects
The company plans to finish more than twenty lines exhibited at both Glasstec and Veteco in the near future – from India to Mexico. However, notwithstanding such developments, in a single project and to complete more than 100.000 sqm of ceramic painted glass the company plans to make the first Picasso V2 330 line for jumbo glass sheets.

But there’s more. To expand its machinery through the American market with much faster shippings and swifter service, GCV Glass Machinery is also working to open a factory in Mexico.

All of the above will be presented at Glassbuild 2023, where the company will be exhibiting all its new equipment with live demonstrations.

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