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New Features at 15th GPD Conference

The Glass Performance Days (GPD) Finland 2015 Conference is held from 24 June to 26 June 2015 in Tampere, Finland.

The conference, exhibition and workshops brings together more than 400 industry leaders and glass technology experts for three days to discuss, debate and network. For this 15th conference the organizers take pride in bringing new features to a reshaped conference that meets under the themes Innovation, Business and Design.

More than 100 experts from as many companies are presenting in the conference giving the participants an outstanding range of high quality technical presentations where the latest on glass technology is reviewed.

The sessions cover a diverse range of topics from glass processing to the use of glass in construction. Highlights in the glass processing sessions are on advanced technologies in coatings, lamination, tempering and IGU. Key points in the use of glass in construction deal with glass in structural applications, high performance facades as well as challenges and solutions in architecture.

Workshops in Tampere and Helsinki
At GPD Finland 2015, more than 15 practical and interactive workshops are being organized covering a wide range of topics on patents, glass processing techniques, glass products quality and case studies on the use of glass in architecture. “The special focus we have on innovation, design and technology brings rewards in focused sessions such as the Architects´  Forum and the special workshop on high-rise construction.  The high-rise workshop is held in Helsinki, the capital of Finland, in recognition of the architectural impact there”, comments Jorma Vitkala, Chairman of the GPD Organizing Committee.

Modular program and hands-on presentations
The sessions that make up the conference program permit participants to put together a personal mix of attendance to suit their own priorities. The hottest items of glass performance are dealt with and discussed both at session and workshops.

The main purpose of the workshops is to put the focus on a special subject that is dealt with in some detail and in a hands-on manner to provide the participants with tangible practical facts. As always quality is in a key role and special focus is put on anisotropy and optical performance. Energy efficiency is also high on the agenda, glass structures and window solutions are the central elements when it comes to energy consumption in buildings.  “New energy-efficient solutions are constantly developed and the GPD-workshops monitor that development closely regarding coatings, insulation properties and advanced glass materials”, says Jorma Vitkala.

Glass is in a growing and central role for both day-lighting properties and as a structural element in modern architecture.  New building trends are highlighted both from the perspective of design and sustainability. For glass processors the new architectural designs and shapes have an important impact on the development of production lines. Light construction methods and new thin cold-bent tempered glass solutions take glass construction in new directions.

The Architects´ Forum of trends and experiences includes a survey of the proposals for the Guggenheim Museum Project in Helsinki, Finland which promises to be of both special and current interest.

Focus on High-rise
The special High-rise workshop organized in Helsinki by the Glass Innovation Institute and the Aalto University in association with the GPD provides a broad coverage of the implications and experiences of going higher. The development of curtain walls, façade solutions, building typology, operations and overall operational efficiency and safety are the subject of in-depth expert presentations. The unique façade requirements of the Maersk Panum Building in Copenhagen are presented in a practical and dedicated case study.

The workshop also includes a presentation by the Finnish building and regulatory authority on the objectives and ramifications of high-rise development projects in Helsinki.

About GPD
Since the starting point in 1992, thousands of glass industry experts have met at GPD to collect and share information for developing the glass industry. The conference has also proved to be a starting point for future innovations and an excellent place to create co-operation networks for architects, designers, universities, research institutes and for the glass industry. This year, not only is the event more interactive but also much more informative and educational. A new feature is the interaction and networking between the lecturers and participants during the sessions.

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