New agreements, products and services: Russian Market the subject of Glass Alliance Strategy at Mir Stekla

New trade agreements for the Russian market, hi-tech IG units and exclusive customer services for product testing were the new developments presented at Mir Stekla 2016 by Glass Alliance, a leading international network formed by Fenzi, Alu-Pro and Rolltech.

A business partnership with Pellini – a manufacturer of Venetian blinds and high-performance technical curtains – led to the introduction on the Russian market, through the Glass Alliance network, of the innovative line of ScreenLine integrated blind system. The blinds are perfectly encapsulated within two glass panes, in a double glazing unit and allow movement without compromising the insulating properties. ScreenLine offers excellent thermal comfort and sun protection adaptable to the different weather conditions of the extensive Russian territory, and ensures absolute protection against dust and therefore requires no maintenance.
The 2016 Mir Stekla was also an opportunity to formalise the agreement between the Fenzi Group and HFD House, a company that distributes machines, equipment and accessories for the processing of flat glass, particularly in Russia, Kazakhstan and Belarus. The agreement aims at developing sales in these markets of Aquaglass organic paint alongside the rolling machines for glass decoration.
The “live” painting demonstrations during the days of the fair allowed presenting the colour potential of the Fenzi paints, produced in a very wide range of solid colours, with satin and metallic effect, and high-performance surface hardness in case of drilling, grinding and bevelling. Companies specialising in glass decoration can now rely on high-performance products and on an even more widespread distribution in the Russian market, with the advantage of prompt and efficient technical support.
Fenzi Group’s investments in Research and Development also focused on customer care with the creation of a test centre exclusively for Russian customers inside the Lipetsk factory, headquarters of OOO Fenzi and OOO Alu-Pro. “Our customers who produce insulating glass can run tests on their products to see which components are better to work and produce in complete safety and in compliance with the local and international regulations,” declares Matteo Padovan, General Manager of OOO FENZI and OOO ALU PRO Russia and adds, “the mission of the Fenzi Group and the entire Glass Alliance network is to offer producers of windows and IG units the ability to install high-performance, eco-friendly, and high quality components through a prompt and customised service able to respond quickly to market demands”.