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Neptun continues with vertical innovation

At Neptun’s stand at Vitrum 2013, the company had a series of machinery on show in a dedicated area, which included the LV Top vertical washing machine; Cornercut 26; Quick vertical micro-centres; Drillmax and Promax work centres; as well as QuickDrill and QuickMill. Last but not least, Promax and Rock.

Neptun was present with an exhibition area of about 400 sq.m., made up of an area dedicated to machinery, creating the ideal of a real showroom, separated from the open area for meetings with clients.
The machine in the spotlight at Neptun’s stand was the LV Top vertical washing machine with edging functions on the Cornercut 26 module.
Neptun has, in fact, reinvented a traditional process with low added value, but highly intense, which is the independence from other machines, making it universal, fast and affordable:
•    universal, because the machine can, in just a few seconds, automatically adjust to changes in glass sizes;
•    fast, because the transport of the glass and movement of the different heads work at variable and optimized speed;
•    affordable and suitable because, until now, each process has been carried out manually or as an option of another machine – expensive and delicate operations. In both cases, Neptun can prove that its system has a really fast payback time.
Another interesting development regards the Quick vertical micro-centres for drilling and milling for Neptun’s tried and tested work centres Drillmax and Promax. These products are aimed at market sectors where traditional vertical and completely automatic NC work centres are not really necessary or financially feasible, but where precision and high speed are essential.
QuickDrill carries out drilling and countersinking, also in depth, on all the work area, without any grey area. QuickMill on the other hand, is a real micro work centre to carry out holes and notches quickly and precisely.
Both are equipped with powerful Numerical Control and touch screen, which allows for complete and easy to manage programming of all functions, automatic management of the spindle, as well as the storage of work programmes. These machines can work as stand-alone items or in-line for higher productivity thanks to the two separate work phases carried out simultaneously. During Vitrum, the machines were on show in-line with an LV Top washing machine, demonstrating Neptun’s focus on innovation in glass processing, with solutions aimed at ease of use, long working life and high quality.
Drillmax, part of Netun’s top range of vertical CNC machines, is for those in need of complete automation. Drillmax is the only work centre with two drill heads, a milling head and front and back automatic tool changeover. The machine is especially for high production series and architectural glass. It can be supplied as a stand-alone machine or in-line with Promax vertical NC grinder and washing machine. Thanks to the modular format of the system, the stand alone machine can be, at a later date, expanded to form a complete line.
Also on show at Neptun’s stand were the straight-line edgers:
Rock 11 with the Edge to Shape (ETS) squaring system that now enables to manage out-of-square glass, as well as 90° squaring and the accurate shaping of the glass sheets. Rock 10-45, the variable angle straight line edger with 10 wheels, which, as for the other models of the Rock series, stands out for its unusual combination of traditional strength and innovative technology, which ensures the absolute quality of processing typical of Neptun grinders.
Main features of the Rock series are:
•    patented conveyor with innovative pads in double material and interchangeable guides for exceptional long working life;
•    spindles positioned inside a cast-iron drawer, connected to the motors by means of drive belts, ensuring extremely low noise and absence of vibration, also after years of operation;
•    control panel with PLC touch screen on-board the machine and power cabinet situated outside the work area, thus ensuring ease of access and the highest protection against humidity.
These are just some of the technical features that have enabled these machines to become a standard of comparison in the sector.
Last but not least, at the stand there was also the new version of the Tornado HP 1664 washing machine, made entirely of high-quality stainless steel in both washing and drying areas. The machine also has ease of maintenance thanks to top-opening up to 500 mm, as well as low energy consumption thanks to the ECOSAVE system, which recognizes the presence and size of the glass in the machine and therefore closes the ventilator in part or completely.

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