National Glass Association to host future GPADs

NGA will announce the date and location for the next GPAD event later in 2019

The National Glass Association (NGA) and FeneTech jointly announced at the closing of the Glass Processing Automation Days 2019 conference that NGA will take over as organizer and host of future GPAD events.

GPAD was founded in 2014 by FeneTech Inc. as a unique two-day opportunity to investigate new and innovative technologies in the glass fabrication industry and discover the additional benefits of automation and integration. FeneTech will continue to be involved in future GPAD events and will be recognized as a founding partner.

“FeneTech, and the other forward-thinking GPAD sponsors, built a successful event focused on technology and innovation and a path forward,” said Nicole Harris, NGA president & CEO. “Part of that path forward is for NGA to help further build GPAD by taking on the role of event organizer.”

“We are excited to have NGA step forward and provide an active role in helping to plan, promote and execute this event. NGA serves as an active voice in the industry and their involvement will undoubtedly make GPAD an even better event,” said Ron Crowl, FeneTech president and CEO.

“We look forward to delivering impactful, thought-provoking GPADs for many years to come,” said Harris.