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NanoMarkets Issues Latest Report on OLED Encapsulation Market

Industry analyst NanoMarkets released its report titled Markets for OLED Encapsulation Materials 2012-2019, which analyzes the OLED market

Industry analyst firm NanoMarkets announced the release of its report titled Markets for OLED Encapsulation Materials 2012-2019, which analyzes and quantifies the opportunities for encapsulation materials and technologies in the OLED market. The report, being international in scope, examines the product development and marketing strategies of the companies in the OLED encapsulation materials sector from large firms such as 3M AGC, Corning, DuPont, Nippon Electric Glass, Samsung, and Schott; as well as innovators such as Universal Display Corporation (UDC), Cambridge Nanotech, and Beneq.  The report highlights firms which it feels are “companies to watch” and names likely winners and losers in the encapsulation materials space. It also contains detailed, eight-year forecasts of the materials used for OLED encapsulation broken out by product type and application. Encapsulation product types covered include rigid glass, flexible glass, multilayer thin films and laminates, conformal coatings, and metal foils. Application sectors covered in the report are: small/medium OLED displays (phones, tablets, etc.), OLED TVs, and OLED lighting.
NanoMarkets believes that encapsulation has emerged as a key enabling technology that will allow both OLED display and lighting applications to thrive.  The firm notes, however, that companies and investors in this business must be willing to have a long-term view given that R&D investments cannot be recovered in a short period of time. Demand for advanced encapsulation systems is not that great at the present time dues to the ability of rigid cover glass systems to meet encapsulation requirements now and over the next several years.

In the report, the firm forecasts that sales of encapsulation materials for OLED TVs and OLED lighting will grow to almost 150 million USD, and 475 million USD, respectively, by the end of the forecast period in 2019. NanoMarkets forecasts that the market for rigid cover glass encapsulation will grow from about 20 million USD in 2012 to over 432 million USD in 2019.  While NanoMarkets believes that the market in OLEDs for nontraditional encapsulation materials—flexible glass, multilayer barriers, and ALD conformal coatings—will remain small for some time, the firm believes the market value of flexible glass encapsulation in OLEDs will reach 270 million USD by the end of the forecast period in 2019.

Additional details about the report are available at:

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