Mopavid, a story of change

This is a story of change and courage, a story not yet finished, a story building up its own end

Mopavid has changed from an obsolete management model to a new, updated one focused on service, quality control, processes improvement and new technologies. It is time to open Mopavid’s doors to the immensity of the glass packaging world.

Everything started one year ago, when ownership changed and Mopavid was acquired by Luis Victory. He turned around the company from an outdated way of doing things to the implementation of a modern management structure.

The way has been long, not always easy, and Mopavid there are still many steps ahead, but the company is already in its way and change starts to be obvious, encouraging all the Team to follow on.

The first and most visual change was the image, but this is only a reflection of an inner change.
And, of course, this is not the only change, nor the most important. What really makes a difference is our Team and its new way of working. Communication, confidence and care for details.

Mopavid’s business card in an experience of more than 40 years in the manufacture of all kind of moulds, from pharmacy flasks to cosmetics, perfume bottles and high level bottles. The company is a specialists in complex engraved moulds and ready to show the glass packaging market its new way of doing things.