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Minneapolis Glass welcomes the IMMMES Water Filtration system

Minneapolis Glass is bringing tempering in-house and the company also brought a powerhouse closed-loop water filtration system online: Now, 100 percent of the processing water is recycled.

With this new IMMMES water recycling system, machines stay running and particulate cleaning and hauling are seamless:

  • An underground trenching system collects processing water throughout the plant.
  • An underground reservoir agitates the water.
  • A booster pump pulls water into a 10,000 pound holding tank that settles and isolates sediments.
  • A filter press forces water away and dries swarf into cakes that are easier and less expensive to haul away.
  • Grey and clean water are isolated and redistributed to various machines.
  • No water goes down the drain, and almost no new water is needed, because the only loss is from evaporation.
  • Cleaned water is purer than the original municipal water, protecting machines and reducing processing imperfections.

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