Metaglobal: representing well-known players in the glass industry

META recently celebrated its 10-year anniversary with a series of technical workshops

Metaglobal recently celebrated its 10th anniversary with a series of technical events in the presence of suppliers and customers from the global glass industry.

Metaglobal, is a trading company, based in Lisbon (Portugal) representing the interests of several well-known players in the glass industry, in Portugal and Spain, but step by step reaching other markets such as Italy, Belgium and Poland, places where our customers also have production facilities.
Recently celebrating its 10-year anniversary, META held a series of technical workshops held in Montereal in May and June with the participation of customers such as BA Glass, Santos Barosa, Libbey and Verallia.
The invited suppliers were Pennine, Zirpro, GPS, Interglass, Pneumofore, TIB Chemicals, Novaxion, Duratemp Wall Colmonoy, Marpak, Orrion Chemicals, Rosario and Zecchetti, all who took part in this event, showing local customers a different way and approach to the market.
META, with a team of six people and offices in Lisboa and Leiria, represents the interests of the mentioned companies, having Managing Directors (Ricardo and Joaquim) with almost 20 years of experience in the glass sector.
Moreover, about one year ago, META started to promote the sales of technical solutions for IS equipment, locally produced and developed over a period of several years in a very close relationship with the customers, trying to solve some of glassmakers’ daily problems.
New designs, new engineering and better materials such as titanium, are being used in order to ensure longer life time, easy mounting and less stoppages during production.

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