MAZZAROPPI: Machinery created with passion; enriched with technology and innovation

Being ever present for customers, working side by side with them to create, develop, design and build the machines that they want and need, is an essential part of the work of Mazzaroppi. The company, in fact, is proud to say that every one of its machines is designed to meet the specific needs of its customers, providing sure benefits in terms of energy saving, ease of use, space and investment optimization.

Mazzaroppi is a globally operating company in the construction of glass processing machinery, with a story of passion for the glass industry that dates back to 1958. In today’s market, Mazzaroppi manufactures glass tempering machines, bending and laminating furnaces, now enriched with technology and innovation. During the work carried out together with customers, machines are thought, developed, designed and built as the result of an old-time carefully handcrafted attention plugged into an ultra-modern industrialisation context.

“Standing shoulder to shoulder with customers is a mantra for us! Those who buy a machine usually want to invest in the growth and development of their company. As an entrepreneur, I know that everyone strives to have partners to grow, someone who wants you to win and who is there to support you. The day I’ll just sell machines and not look for solutions for customers, I will close my company and do something else.”
Antonio Mazzaroppi, the second generation of the family of innovative glass industry pioneers, has this philosophy, which is also the philosophy of his company.
Each Mazzaroppi machine is designed to meet the specific needs of customers and to provide concrete benefits in terms of energy saving, ease of use, space and investment optimization.

Being close to customers also means optimising production costs; for this reason, all Mazzaroppi furnaces are designed to optimise energy consumption, by means of:

  • Fast ignition system (about 60 minutes), which allows the tempering machine to be turned off in the evening and restarted in the morning, very easily, every day.
  • Specific materials and an innovative production system that result in low thermal inertia; indeed, the heating section has excellent thermal insulation which avoids heavy heat loss to the outside.
  • Automatic multi-zone control system which ensures that the machine automatically recognises the areas that are truly occupied by the glass so that it only turns on the panels involved. In this way, in addition to an intelligent use of electricity, it also allows optimal and timely control of the temperature.

An intuitive and effective touchscreen operator interface provides timely and immediate control of the machine. Its work parameters can also be set or corrected from a service app on a smartphone.
Production recipes management is automatic, hence the operator only has to set the type of glass and its thickness on the monitor. In this way, the machines quickly adapt to the change of the thickness of the glass, thus eliminating waiting times, while and during the production process, different glasses ordered by type and thickness can be found in each section of the system.

Compact furnaces are the flagship products of Mazzaroppi’s product portfolio and the result of a careful engineering study that has led to the creation of a flexible solution, capable of maintaining technical and quality characteristics unchanged.

All Mazzaroppi machines, including standard ones, are adapted to the specific needs of each customer. The design phase therefore starts with an in-depth analysis of the customer’s corporate situation (spaces, processes, operating times) and the creation of a pay-back plan of the initial investment.

Once defined the customer’s needs, Mazzaroppi’s team kicks off the production process of the machines. Each stage is supervised and executed very closely and the customer receives continuous updates on the production status. Thanks to this enormous attention to the process, Mazzaroppi has an on-time delivery rate of 100 per cent.
“Every machine for us is like a newborn baby and we know that for each customer it is an important investment that means the world for them. This is the reason why we decided to start this ritual as a sort of baptism. The machine belongs to him, it stands alone, there is no other like it, and I think this should be celebrated, because when one of our machines enters a company it is as if a new life, and a new phase, begins.”

Installation, ignition and testing
Installation of the machines, carried out by highly specialised staff, is enriched by on-site training.

Machine downtime must be avoided and if this ever happens, it must be limited as much as possible. Thanks to this orientation to customers’ production needs, all Mazzaroppi machines are included in a scheduled maintenance plan and followed by a specialised team of technicians operating all over the world in remote assistance or on-site.
“We are in love with our machines, we dream them, we design and we create them, we use them because what we offer to our clients is a solution that can take their companies to a new business level.”

Mazzaroppi Engineering

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