Mazzaroppi Engineering on the metaverse

Today, current affairs revolve around a single topic: the power of the digital world, the metaverse

Mazzaroppi Engineering is joining the metaverse by creating its own digital platform.

It is an online platform where everyone can register and explore the company’s features, products and news, but that is not all. In fact, each member can also follow the conferences held by the team Mazzaroppi, can attend technical explanations and talk with Mazzaroppi staff for any doubts or requests, all in real time.

The company is talking about a real digital fair, conceived to reach a very large public coming from all over the world and interested in the high quality of Mazzaroppi products.

A lot of networking events will be organized on the Mazzaroppi platform including workshops and one-to-one meetings.

In this way all the distance and difficulties normally faced when organizing events nowadays will be break down.

This is the future of the glass industry, where Mazzaroppi Engineering is already a leader.
Let’s connect anywhere in the world and enjoy the show of the future, Mazzaroppi Engineering is coming to the metaverse:

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