Maryland Glass & Mirror: DFI coating as standard on shower enclosures

Maryland Glass & Mirror, a Maryland-based glass fabricator, announced they will be offering DFI‘s Diamon-Fusion® protective coating as a standard feature on all their shower enclosures via the FuseCube™ Express glass coating machine. This new offering includes having Diamon-Fusion® consistently applied to both sides of their shower doors to differentiate themselves and develop a greater market share.

Transparent and ultra-thin, Diamon-Fusion® chemically bonds to the glass filling in the microscopic peaks and valleys of the surface. The result is an invisible barrier that reduces cleaning times, prevents stains, and keeps the glass looking cleaner for longer. The Diamon-Fusion® coating is also UV-resistant (won’t break down in sunlight) and comes with a lifetime warranty on residential surfaces and a 15-year warranty on commercial surfaces.

Matt Dalbke, Vice President at Maryland Glass & Mirror, said, “Maryland Glass will be applying Diamon-Fusion® protective coating to all our showers that we produce. We strive to offer the highest quality shower doors and feel that incorporating Diamon-Fusion® to our complete line of shower doors is key to doing so.”

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