Mappi: “What we learned at Texpo2021”

Mappi comes away from Glass Texpo 2021 impressed by the simple gesture of a face-to-face meeting

A couple of weeks ago Mappi was in San Antonio, Texas, to participate in Glass Texpo 2021. It was a beautiful, interesting, well organized event.

Mappi goes to these events to show what they have accomplished, but also to learn something new and special. This time, too, the company’s representatives learned something important, but it wasn’t something new, just something they feared was missing.

Mappi’s colleagues learned how important it is to meet people in real life. Looking into each other’s eyes, exchanging opinions, walking together along a corridor, meeting at the bar; gestures that for years have been taken for granted have suddenly become precious, even more so because they are lived and shared with people who, like you, are part of the Glass Industry, and who demonstrate how glass unites people, not merely acting to separate and protect them.

Last but not least, meeting someone in person makes the interaction more profound. From a professional point of view, questions and answers flow so effortlessly, and the company’s representatives return home with an agenda full of new contacts. Or at least that’s what happened to Mappi in San Antonio.

This is also why Mappi continues to support trade fairs and events, not only by participating, but also as a sponsor. The company is proud to sponsor next GlassBuild America, to be held in September in Atlanta. Mappi can’t wait to participate, and to be able to experience once again the great thrill of meeting you all, in person.

It was a pleasure that they have been missing for too long.

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