Mappi: we believe in glass; solutions to protect

We received from Mappi International the following press release

Nancy Mammaro, CEO at Mappi International, and Vice President at GIMAV, speaks about the present global situation during Covid19, and Mappi’s social media campaign – #glassistheanswer – with a special video which shows how glass is the best answer to the question of safety, hygiene, operational flexibility, durability.

Covid-19 has hit us like a tornado, making our normal way of life and activities that have always been considered normal for all of us difficult, if not impossible. How are you living this phase?

“This situation that we are living, which is summed up in two words: social distancing, translates into the need to allow people to continue to work close together, and – at the same time – protected. This need has created an important new area for our sector, thanks, for example to all the partitions (and not only) for bars, offices, shops, restaurants.”

With your privileged point of view, how do you judge the response of the glass industry to the Covid-19 emergency?

Both as an entrepreneur in the sector and as vice president of GIMAV, I have the opportunity to appreciate the reaction of the glass industry. There are industries and entrepreneurs who react proactively and dynamically to the constraints imposed by this health emergency, both from the point of view of production in our companies and of the work of those who are in close contact with the public.”

Right now, Mappi is standing out with a campaign that, more unique than rare, does not speak of a company or a product, but of glass as a material, and as a response to a problem. How did you come up with this idea?

“Here at Mappi, thanks also to the precious collaboration of GIMAV and Vitrum, have decided to launch a campaign for our sector starting from the video that we have published on our social networks and on Youtube, and shared through our press office, with the hashtag #glassistheanswer: glass is the best answer to the question of safety, hygiene, operational flexibility, durability, which comes from many areas. Glass is undoubtedly a better answer than that which plexiglass, polycarbonate or other synthetic materials can give, which, despite disproportionate prices and inadequate technical qualities, have been struggling to try to replace glass for many years now, but without technically demonstrable results.”

What kind of feedback are you getting from this campaign? 

“The #glassistheanswer campaign is seeing a great deal of important, common response, both on social media and in the press which has, once again, confirmed how vital the glass industry is.”

“Here at Mappi, our aim is now to continue with our battle for truth, quality and safety, a battle that supports the passion, intelligence and ability to innovate of an entire industry.”