Mappi Supertemper meets Polflam, leader of fire resistant glass

We received the following press release from Mappi, who interviewed their business partner, Poland-based fire glass manufacturer Polflam

Being a leader means to compete continuously, never thinking of being arrived but always having new goals ahead of you. This is the way of thinking and acting of Polflam, the Polish company leader in the flame-cutting glass market.

Polflam offers state-of-the-art fire-resistant glass. The company, born in 1992, has grown year after year and its fire-resistant glass is present in all European markets. It was a path towards constant success, based on Quality, Professionalism, Innovation. In 2019 the control of Polflam was taken over by the Belgian investment fund Baltisse, which began a further cycle of investments in infrastructure, technology and patents with the aim not only to confirm Polflam’s leadership on the European market, but also expansion to new markets and new territories.

Now Polflam is still increasing its production capabilities, with a new production factory within a total area of 20,000 sqm, in Tarczyin, Poland. The investment in this state-of-the-art, high-capacity production facility will triple Polflam’s total output.

Polflam’s leadership in fire-resistant glass is the result of specialized expertise, patents and a large production capacity. It is a journey that never ends, and today, just to continue to be a leader, Polflam has chosen Supertemper, a Mappi innovation that allows production of E30 certified glass for heat resistance, using new generation Mappi furnace, both ATS 4.0 and Fox, suitably updated.
Polflam will be the first company to install a Mappi Supertemper system in Europe, in a ATS 4.0 2500×5000 furnace, the location will be the new Tarczyn plant. To find out more we met Jean-Louis Canelle, Chief Technical Officer from Polflam.

“Our company is always looking for solutions that can guarantee new standards of excellence, which is why we were very impressed by Mappi’s Supertemper and bythe possibility of producing E30 certified glass for heat resistance starting from a tempering furnace like ATS 4.0, which for some time now represents the ideal choice for those looking for constant quality, ease of use and energy savings.”

How did your choice process go?
“It must be said that we already knew Mappi, because we already have one of their tempering furnace in our factory. We were well aware of the reliability and performance of the Italian company, so as soon as we heard about Supertemper, we asked for more technical details.

“We talked to the staff of Mappi and we soon understood, data in hand, how Supertemper is really the innovation for the tempering of fire resistant glass we were looking for. We were pleasantly surprised by how Mappi Supertemper is able to produce glass with a “Surface Stress” that goes from the usual value of > 69 MPa to 160 MPa, or higher, all using a tempering furnace that at first glance is very similar to a standard one. I could dwell on technical analysis, but I realize that it could be boring for those who are not great specialists in this sector, like us at Polflam, but I hold back, I prefer to keep it simple, as simple, indeed simply surprising, are the technology and the results that Mappi got.”

How do you think Supertemper can fit into Polflam?
“The tempering furnace is a fundamental component in the production chain of a glass factory, we all know it. Being able to have a state-of-the-art oven such as Ats 4.0, already a symbol of innovation, capable of bringing glassworks into the world of industry 4.0, and above all being able to take advantage of the possibility of creating Supertemper glass, which stands out not only for its resistance to fire, but also for the simplification of production processes, for the competitiveness of costs, for its optical qualities, are all elements that make us very confident in the future. This is, in a nutshell, a new production standard. Our new furnace will be an ATS 4.0 2500×5000.

“We are sure that the Supertemper name will soon be not only a novelty for professionals and innovation lovers like us, but will be known worldwide as the ideal flame-cutting glass for performance, cost, accessibility and safety. In fact, let’s not forget that having quality flame-cut glass has long been a guarantee of safety and real protection for the most diverse environments. Being able to improve production and distribution, and therefore also the convenience, is something that makes us proud.”

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