Mappi proudly supports the “2022 UN Year of Glass” initiative

In December, the United Nations General Assembly will discuss the approval of the “UN Year of Glass 2022” project. The goal is to dedicate 2022 to glass, its unique qualities, its role in creating a cleaner, more prosperous, more ecological future. It’s a a goal we strongly believe in, the right recognition for a material that has accompanied the evolution of man, year after year, century after century.

To approve the project, the United Nations requires that at least 1000 representatives of the world of glass, coming from at least 100 different countries, express their support for the project.

To date there are 950 “letters of endorsement” from 69 countries, the goal is ambitious, and will bring benefits to the entire glass industry. Mappi has enthusiastically joined the project, and invites all those who care about glass to do the same.

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