Mappi International heads to Boston for GlassCon Global

Internationally acclaimed Italian brand Mappi International is reinforcing its image by participating in global trade fairs and industry events.

Mappi International will take part in GlassCon Global in Boston, from 6 to 9 July 2016, the two-year conference dedicated to technological development and the new frontiers of this industry: a forum in which it is favoured greater contact between manufacturers, designers and users.
These events are also excellent opportunities to update and to compare with the leading experts in the sector worldwide: not only manufacturers, but also architects, designers, engineers of various sectors.
Taking part in GlassCon Global is an opportunity for wide-ranging companies as Mappi International, an excellent opportunity to fully understand what direction the market is going, what to bet on, and especially what new technologies to exploit.
In a large area such as glass and its uses, the comparison is essential to the growth of all companies that revolve around.
Mappi International is aware of this and this awareness has also permitted to establish itself among the leading companies in the industry on the world stage.