Mappi installations at LTI and Robinson Glass

One of Mappi’s priorities is to minimize the impact on the customer’s production

The recent installation of tempering furnaces at two US companies demonstrated how Mappi is focused on the customer: from initial design to assistance after the sale and installation.

During the installation of its tempering furnaces, one of Mappi’s priorities is to minimize the impact on the customer’s production.
The decision for a capital investment in glass machinery is always a fundamental moment for any glass company. When the investment in machinery is a tempering furnace, it is even more important considering the deep impact it has on all the other processes in the company, especially due to the intensive timing it requires for installation.
When Mappi carries out an installation, it is able to shorten installation time because the main part of the machine – the heating chamber – comes in a single preassembled piece and does need to be assembled on site like many other tempering furnaces.
Customers receiving a Mappi furnace, do not just receive the best technologies and the best components, they also receive exceptional customer care, with people at their service, who understand and are truly committed to MCQ.
MCQ “Mappi Constant Quality” is the core of the company. Every aspect of Mappi is focused on the customer: from design to assistance, everything must consider quality as the main priority.
Mappi’s machinery and people are the expression of a way of living that is focused on going beyond the perfection of glass because Mappi’s known quality does not come from casual results, but from the sum of many different factors. From the very first contact, to the choice of the most suitable model, up to after-sales service, and Mappi’s new Tab Service, the instant support service for instant assistance that allows Mappi to be closer to the customer.
It is always a great pleasure for Mappi to receive letters thanking the company and its employees and technicians, such as the most recent email from LTI Smart Glass or Robinson Glass, two American glass fabricators, who are happy with the recent installations.
“During the installation process, our technicians spent weeks very close to our customers, they are our voice, our hands, our savoir-faire, and we count on them to make Mappi’s vision and values come to realization.
Only the best workers, not only in operational terms but also in savoir-faire, will be part of our Installation team. They will work side by side with our customers, so we have to guarantee a high level of competence and experience,” explains Giulio Dalla Costa – Mappi Technical Service Manager.
Every single part, each component, and every person who works for Mappi is responsible for the excellence of the brand, in line with the standard of the solutions that the company offers on the market, for 25 years Mappi has been a leader in tempering furnace production.
This year is Mappi’s 25th anniversary in the glass industry, thanks to the company’s passion, commitments, and innovation.

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