Mappi: 25 years going beyond glass perfection

Mappi is celebrating 25 years in the glass industry

This year, Mappi is celebrating its 25th anniversary as a global leader in the production of glass tempering furnaces and glass laminating machines, which are now installed in more than 50 countries around the world.

Mappi is proud to celebrate 25 years in the glass industry as a global leader in the production of glass tempering furnaces and glass laminating machines.
Mappi started in 1993, when Nancy Mammaro had a vision: she wanted to provide high quality tempering furnaces focusing on overall quality without compromise, using only the best technologies, materials, and teamwork to produce the best cost effective furnaces.
Today that vision means:
– more than 400 furnaces installed in over 50 countries;
– two branches one in Italy and one in Florida;
– more than 30 partners worldwide to be close to market needs;
– more than 60 employees;
– a brand recognized as a synonymous of excellence globally.
All this to guarantee Customer Satisfaction at every level and in any area; because when clients receive a Mappi furnace, they don’t just receive the best technologies and the best components, but also exceptional customer care: people at their service, who understand and are truly committed to MCQ. MCQ ‘Mappi Constant Quality’ is the core of the company. Every aspect of Mappi is focused on the customer: from design to assistance, everything must consider quality as the main priority.
Giorgio Nardo, CEO of Nardo Vetro says about his choice to count on Mappi as partner: “I think Mappi is one of the first suppliers in the world for reliability, compliance and technology, that’s why we chose them 25 years ago and today we continue to show respect for each other.”
Nardo Vetro was the very first Mappi customer, and this ‘historic’ partnership was mentioned during the Italian celebration for Mappi’s anniversary when Nancy Mammaro said: “Our customers are our strengths and our focus, everything we do is focussed on improving their business to make the difference in the glass industry, we are rewarding when this relationship is constant and always stronger and stronger, year by year, we know we have done a great job for them, as for Nardo Vetro.”
“We would not exist without our customers and we would not have all this successes without our people that work every day with passion to be part of our glass excellence in the world. In this pleasant occasion we celebrate the first four employees of Mappi and all of you,” said Ermanno Petitti, Mappi Sales Manager.
“We strongly believe our products are Mappi’s brain, heart and power around the world, those who have a Mappi furnace have one of our ‘children’ and everybody here is proud of these wonderful ‘children’ such as Fox and ATS series tempering lines that have written the story of our company,” says Sergio Cosano Mappi Sales Manager.

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