Glass Style World Directory SINCE 2018
Complete profiles of glassworks worldwide

Glass STYLE World Directory 2018 is the only international annual directory dedicated to the industry of glass and crystal tableware and products for the home. The directory, which is made up of 4- or 6-page company profiles, provides information regarding companies, new collections and product innovations for tableware, the kitchen, giftware, interior design, artistic glass, costume jewellery, etc.

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Glass Style World Directory 2018

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  • SUPPLIER PROFILES: • Glassworks manufacturing glass tableware • Glassworks manufacturing glasses and stemware • Glassworks manufacturing glass kitchenware • Glassworks manufacturing promotional glass giftware • Glassworks manufacturing items for the home and interior design, giftware, bathroom items, souvenirs, etc. • Glassworks manufacturing chandeliers, lamps, wall lamps, etc. • Glassworks manufacturing glass beads, murrine, crystals and pendants for costume jewellery and fashion • Decorating companies and decorators
  • USER PROFILES: • Buyers and dealers of tableware and domestic glassware, representatives of and Department Stores • Import/Export companies, agents and representatives • Retail shops and chains specialized in homeware, giftware, costume jewellery • Designers, architects and consultants




Europe: 41%; Americas: 29%; Middle East: 16%; Rest of the world: 14%

CEOs and Management, Purchasing Directors, Marketing and Sales Directors, Directors of product line development, Buyers, Consultants, Architects, Designers.