Glass Packaging World Directory SINCE 2017
Complete profiles of glass packaging suppliers worldwide

The Glass Packaging World Directory 2017, the first international directory dedicated to the production of the glass packaging industry, provides company profiles of suppliers, enabling them to present their companies and activities, along with photos of products and the companies. The profiles will be available on the website, for all potential users and users of container glass and accessories.

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Glass Packaging World Directory 2017

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  • SUPPLIER PROFILES: • Glassworks producing containers and special glass bottles • Companies specializing in the design and supply of personalized glass bottles and containers • Decorators and decoration service suppliers • Accessory suppliers • Raw material suppliers • Technology, plant and machinery suppliers • Miscellaneous service suppliers • Designers, design and specialist advertising agencies • Market research agencies
  • USER PROFILES: • Wine and spirit producers • Brewers • Bottled water and soft drink producers • Oil and vinegar producers • Fruit juice and edible product producers • Perfume producers • Cosmetics producers • Pharmaceutical goods producers • Retailers • HORECA representatives • Designers and consultants • Marketing agencies • Advertising agencies




Europe: 63%; Americas: 21%; Rest of the world: 16%

CEOs and Senior Management, Commercial Managers, Purchasing Managers, Marketing Managers, R&D Managers, Consultants, Architects and Designers.