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Bi-monthly international magazine for glass manufacturing

The leading international magazine for glass manufacturing, GMP & A is targeted at glassworks involved in the production and processing of hollowware and special glass (bottles, containers, household, lighting, technical, scientific, industrial and medical glassware)

Glass Machinery Plants & Accessories no. 1/2016

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CONTENTS – Regular Articles
  • STD GLASS: leading in the domestic market; expanding to international markets

  • SCHOTT: improving algae production for ecoduna with glass components

  • BDF INDUSTRIES: saving the environment while maintaining market competitiveness

  • OCMI GROUP: top-level technology

  • TIAMA: change in corporate name

  • KOPP GLASS: the clear choice – how to choose the best transparent material

  • VIDROMECANICA: producing the most long-lasting glassware

  • FALORNI TECH: branching out with industrial furnaces

  • GPS: understanding what the market needs

CONTENTS – Regular Features

  • SUPPLIERS GUIDE – Yellow Pages

BAKU GLASS - Official Catalogue

  • Adi

  • Ayrox

  • BDF Industries

  • Bohemi Chemicals

  • Bottero – Flat Glass Division

  • Bottero – Hollow Glass Division

  • Buhler Leybold Optics

  • Bystronic Steklo RUS

  • Car-Met

  • Changshu Jianhua Mould Technology

  • Colorobbia

  • Emmeti

  • futronic

  • Glass Service

  • Glaston

  • Horn Glass Industries

  • Iris Inspection Machines

  • Italcarrelli

  • LWN Lufttechnik

  • Mappi International

  • Neptun


  • Olivotto Glass Technologies

  • Risteklo

  • Schiatti Angelo

  • Sigmaref (S.I.G.MA. Group)

  • SDC

  • Sipac

  • Softeco

  • Sparklike Group

  • Stara Glass

  • TK

  • WALTEC Maschinen

  • ZIPPE Industrieanlagen

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Info for advertisers

  • GMP & A REACHES about 100,000 active glass professionals, with more than 11,000 copies per issue circulated worldwide (mailed free of charge to the categories listed in the Qualified Circulation section).
  • GMP & A PROMOTES glass industry suppliers at the most important international glass industry exhibitions and conferences, where the magazine is distributed free of charge to visitors and exhibitors.
  • Furthermore, GMP & A SUPPORTS advertisers with “SUPPLIERS GUIDE - YELLOW PAGES” IN LOCAL LANGUAGES for those events held in countries where English text requires strong back-up in the local language (Chinese, Russian, etc.).



11,000 copies per issue

Europe: 37%; Middle East and Asia: 37%; Americas: 18%; Africa, Australia, Others: 8%

Presidents/Owners, Managing Directors, Chief Buyers, Technical/Plant Directors, Marketing and Sales Managers.