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The only international annual guide to offer a complete overview of international glassworks and suppliers involved in holloware and special glass manufacturing

Glass Industry Directory 2018

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  • The GLASS INDUSTRY DIRECTORY is a unique international annual guide which gives a complete overview of international glassworks and suppliers involved in hollowware and special glass manufacturing. About 300 pages of complete company profiles: addresses, management, sister companies, plants, number of employees, turnover, banks, year of company foundation, capital, trademarks, areas of activity, innovations, product-by-product and country-by-country breakdowns.
  • The GLASS INDUSTRY DIRECTORY is the annual reference point for the international glass manufacturing industry comprising bottles and containers, domestic glassware, tubing, vials and ampoules, lighting glassware, technical and industrial glassware, scientific, laboratory and medical glassware and much more.



11,000 copies

Europe: 37%; Middle East and Asia: 37%; Americas: 18%; Africa, Australia, Others: 8%

Company and Plant Managers, Plant Service and Supply Managers, Sales Managers, Technical and Planning Directors, Technical and Research Consultants.